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Posted by Latest Media World on November 29, 2020 with No comments

Using the Google voice account unveils many windows and you can use it for your personal and business purposes. But what happens if you want to delete the current number?

Let’s say, the key reason why we need to delete the existing number from the Google Voice profile. Well, it is due to replace another number which you are supposed to have against it. 

Another reason we delete the number even though we put it as one of our numbers is that adding multiple numbers is not allowed. 

However, you may do one thing: this is the replacement process starting from deleting the existing one.  Before you get started with the deleting number, make sure you come to know one thing. That being said, after performing the deleting google voice number, you won’t delete it for further purposes before 90 days. 

This is why make sure you are going to replace the desired number which you want to have till finishing the 90 days. Now let’s show you the steps on how to delete google voice numbers. 

  • Step 1

First off, you need to begin by entering into the To do so, make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connection. 

  • Step 2

Once you come to the homepage of google voice, then you will come to see your profile icon alongside there you need to click on the Settings menu. The gear icon will clearly show you the settings menu so click on it. 

  • Step 3

Immediately, the settings menu will appear on your computer screen. Among the many settings choices, you will find the "Voicemail" button. 

  • Step 4

You don't need to click on it rather to toggle off the choice from "Get voicemail via email" The process of getting the email from Google voice is another verification that you need to accomplish. 

  • Step 5

Once you are done with the toggle off option now you need to click on the "Account" button located on the left side. 

  • Step 6

On your account settings, a new window will pop up with the three choices. Among them, the last one would be the "Delete" button. After clicking on it, you will go to the next page immediately. 

  • Step 7

Finally, you come to the place where you will get to see your current phone number which is already attached to Google Voice. So, here you will also get the chance to perform deleting, to do so simply click on "Delete"

  • Step 8

Now the system comes to know, you are trying to delete your current number and add a new one. To perform so, a new dialog box will appear on your window. On top of that, they will verify whether you are really trying to replace a new number or not. To let them know, simply confirm it by clicking on the "Proceed" option. 

  • Step 9

Now you are all set here but to receive a new number google will hang you up for a moment. That's why, you will get to see a new window pop up naming "Deleting....please wait" The good thing is even though you have just replaced a new number, still you will find the old texts from the deleted numbers, so no worry about it since you are not losing your previous records. 

Note: What happens if you change your mind again? Well, this is pretty serious stuff and you may not activate a new number before 90-days. Furthermore, you also do not get access to assign a new Google Voice account excluding the existing one.