How to build your online reputation with Trustpilot

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How to build your online reputation with Trustpilot


Customer reviews are an essential part of the sales generation process, as they impact the purchasing decision of 93% of consumers.

Still, many businesses do not know how to get reviews and turn them into a powerful driving force.

These businesses lose a unique opportunity to utilize social proof and show trustworthiness. If you are among those who struggle to get customer reviews, we will immerse you into a detailed overview of the process.

This article uncovers the main steps to get more reviews and highlights the following aspects:

  • the importance of customer reviews for eCommerce + key statistics

  • how to get customer reviews with Trustpilot

  • get customer reviews with Trustpilot + step-by-step guide included

The Importance of Customer Reviews for eCommerce

Before talking about how to get reviews, let’s take a look at some interesting statistics that leave no doubt about the importance of online reviews.

Sellers that do not wonder how to get customer reviews thinking that no one pays attention to them could not be more wrong. According to recent research, 95% of customers take their time to read online reviews before making a buying decision and proceeding with the purchase.

If a business does not get customer reviews, it loses a chance to generate sales. Over 72% of customers take a look at the reviews before making a purchasing decision. They postpone the need to make a decision to the time after they have read customer reviews.

If you are new in business, or you have just launched your online business, then it might be hard for you to have some Trustpilot reviews for your business. This time, you can purchase some Trustpilot reviews from review sellers for your business that can help you out.

At the same time, it is important to generate positive reviews, and their number should be higher than the number of negative ones. Out of all customers, 86% will hesitate before doing business with a company that has negative reviews. All the while, good reviews encourage customers to make a purchase with a business.

The reasons why a business should get customer reviews are numerous. That is why if you are wondering how to get customer reviews, you are on the right path. They bring along different benefits, including the following ones:

  • Boosted sales – social proof in the form of reviews encourages customers to make purchases.

  • Customer trust – buyers prefer to shop in online stores they can trust. When customers leave a good review, a business becomes more trustworthy in the eyes of other shoppers.

  • Brand engagement – by leaving reviews and they experience customers are very likely to return to that web page to check the reviews of other customers or even comment on them. This way, they form a bond with online businesses.

  • Improved SEO – the vast majority of search engines, Google and Bing included, consider customer reviews a valuable source of information. They also serve as a machine of generating keywords that help businesses rank better in search results.

As you can clearly see, it is the right time to start thinking about how to get reviews and turn them into a powerful tool of social proof. If you want to get online reviews, the article highlights the main steps of generating them and tells about a powerful tool that can help with the task.

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